6 great places to go bouldering

Qipt - Outdoor Pursuits | 22nd January 2013

Bouldering is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and it's one of the easiest to give a try!

All you'll need are some climbing shoes, a little chalk and maybe a crash pad. Then, you're ready to head to the rocks with a friend or two. So, where to go? Here are 5 great spots to give it a crack:

North Yorkshire: Brimham

A popular spot, but such an incredible labyrinth or rocks that you can always find a quiet spot to enjoy the fantastic Yorkshire gritstone!

More here: http://www.yorkshiregrit.com/brimham.html

Peak District: Cratcliffe

A stunning cliff, with some classic routes as well as great boulder problems. If you're there for long enough it's well worth visiting some of the other local crags.

More here: http://peakbouldering.info/crags/33

Devon: Bonehill - Dartmoor

A favourite amongst locals and visitors, Bonehill has a great range of short and high boulder problems. Just watch out, this granite is rough!

More here: http://javu.co.uk/Climbing/Guides/DartmoorBouldering/Bonehill/

South East: Harrison's Rocks

A lovely spot in the woods, the sandstone might be a little... well... sandy, but it's a great place to learn to use your feet properly!

More here: http://www.mountain-trips.co.uk/harrisons_boulder_guide.html

North Wales: Llanberis Pass

A Mecca for climbers, beneath the higher cliffs of the pass are several great bouldering areas. The most obvious are right by the road (almost overhanging it in places!). Explore further up the valley sides for more spectacular problems.

Northumberland: Bowden Doors

A personal favourite and a beautiful spot to spend the day, although it's cold and exposed it's also quick to dry after rain. The hard sandstone is good and grippy but go easy on the chalk or don't use it at all.

More here: http://thenmc.org.uk/onlineguide/index.php?v=4&s=3&id=7&sid=5


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